Dry Bulk Services

End-to-end solutions for all domestic and international dry bulk needs. 

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End-to-End Solutions


ECI has the necessary infrastructure and expertise to handle all domestic and international dry bulk needs. From shipping and receiving to packaging and storage, we help streamline your supply chain to reduce costs.


  • Bulk Receiving & Shipping

    • Load/unload materials from pneumatic trailers, railcars, and LTL for staging and transport. 


  • Shipping Container Handling

    • Import/export materials in shipping containers, both lined and stacked pallets, with ease as our facilities can handle the loading/unloading of containers and necessary transportation for bulk movements. 


  • Material Bagging

    • Packaged materials meet desired weight and dimension requirements and are readied for shipment. 

    • Unbagging operations handle imported material loading to bulk carriers for delivery to destination facilities.


  • Material Staging & Storage

    • Handling large volumes and international supply chains require the ability to stage inventory for rapid response and consistent supply. Leverage ECI's storage and staging capabilties to increase the efficiency of your current supply chain. 


  • Supply Chain Management

    • Our team handles the end-to-end management of staging, handling, loading, and transportationg for your materials. To learn more about our deatiled visit out Supply Chain Management page. 



ECI maintains strict process control and has invested in the infrastructure necessary to ensure the high level of reliabililty and responsiveness our customers have grown to expect. Our personnel go to greath lengths to ensure the safe packaging and handling of your materials for all shipments both domestically and abroad. 

Equilibrium Catalyst, Inc. is a global leader of equilibrium catalyst and logistics solutions for the petroleum refining industry.

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