Equilibrium Catalyst Overview

The use of equilibrium catalyst provides many benefits for the petroleum refiner. By identifying and analyzing refinery operating objectives and unit constraints the effective customization and application of equilibrium catalyst can improve coke and gas selectivities, control contaminate metals, and source inexpensive additives all while easing unit constraints and reducing total catalyst costs. 


At any given time a fresh catalyst manufacturer will develop a specific catalyst technology that is superior to competitors offerings. Rather than be confined to the catalyst technologies of available from a single fresh catalyst supplier on a fixed term contract, ECI has the ability to blend fresh and equilibrium catalysts from various catalyst manufacturers to leverage competitive catalyst technologies for a refiners given unit conditions to alter selectivities and overall product yields. 


Equilibrium Catalyst Solutions
  • Catalyst Circulation
  • Heat Balance
  • Yield Management
  • Contaminate Control
  • Turnaround Optimization
  • Fresh Catalyst Change-Out
  • Catalyst Synergies
  • Catalyst Loss Managment

Customized equilibrium catalyst solutions meet the specifications and quality standards identified by the operating objectives and unit constraints of a refinery. Through the utilization of specific catalyst technologies developed by various catalyst manufacturers a refiner increases their flexibility in maximizing the efficiencies of the catalytic cracking of shifting feedstocks and changing selectivity preferences not immediately possible with their current fresh catalyst supply. 


ECI has the ability to blend fresh and equilibrium catalyst together off-site for delivery to a refinery in order to maximize supply chain efficiencies, reduce overall site traffic, and bypass any catalyst loading limitations that would otherwise eliminate a refiners' ability to accurately control daily additions of multiple catalysts. 

Quality & Process Control

ECI maintains strict quality and process controls and has invested in the necessary infrastructure to ensure the reliable supply of catalysts that meet the high standards of our customers. All catalysts received and shipped through ECI facilities are screened multiple times to remove potential debris from source refineries. Our onsite catalyst testing lab allows for continuous monitoring of supplied catalyst characteristics that provides unprecedented responsiveness for enhancing unit performance. 

Catalyst Testing


Quality you can depend on. 

Catalyst Testing

Our catalyst testing labs utilize Malvern Mastersizer 2000 technology for particle size testing and XRF Spectrometers Supermimi 200 for complete metal analysis to ensure all catalyst supplied meet required specifications. 

ECI owns and operates it's own on-site catalyst testing lab that allows for rapid analysis of our inventory and helps to provide a responsiveness to refiners' needs that far exceed industry standards. We provide catalyst testing services to our customers in the case they require analysis of their fresh or spent catalysts to diagnose unit performance issues. Many refiners utilize our labs to compare results received from their fresh catalyst suppliers on a regular basis. 

Our catalyst testing lab utilizes Malvern Mastersizer 2000 technology for particle size testing and XRF Spectrometers Supermini 200 for complete metal analysis to ensure all catalyst supplied meet required specifications. Catalyst samples are retained and carefully documented for each completed test. Our catalyst shipments come with a certificate of analysis to confirm desired specifications are achieved and provide essential data for evaluating unit performance. 

Equilibrium Catalyst, Inc. is a global leader of equilibrium catalyst and logistics solutions for the petroleum refining industry.

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