High ZSM-5 Equilibrium Catalyst

Provides premium coke and propylene selectivity while eliminating the cost of fresh additives. 

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ZSM-Cat Overview

ZSM-Cat is a specialized equilibrium catalyst that provides premium coke and propylene selectivity to refiners while allowing them to significantly reduce operating costs by eliminating the need to use fresh ZSM-5 additives. It can be used as a normal supplement in day to day operations or on a spot basis to target shifting economics. 


ECI offers two ZSM-Cat products; one was originally manufactured by Albemarle and the other by BASF. Both products are leading gas oil catalyst technologies that are low in contaminate metals and free of sulfur reduction additives. The analysis for both products can be found below.  

ZSM-Cat Benefits
Eliminate Additive Costs

Replace current ZSM-5 additive usage completely while benefiting from the best gas oil catalyst technology for coke selectivities.

Increase Propylene Production

The daily addition of a single ton of ZSM-Cat has the same effects on C3 yields as 300 pounds of fresh ZSM-5 (40% crystal).

Reduce Total Catalyst Costs

ZSM-Cat additions help to reduce total fresh catalyst additions by bringing contaminate flushing and matrix activity with the increased propylene production.

Technical & Economic Analysis

ZSM-Cat Type 1

ZSM-Cat Type 2

ZSM-Cat Coke Selectivity vs. Standard FCC Circulating Catalyst

The graphs at the right show the operating data of coke selectivity and propylene production of ZSM-Cat usage compared to a standard FCC circulating catalyst. Through the addition of ZSM-Cat the operation was able to increase total propylene production and reduce total coke make while decreasing overall catalyst costs. 


In application, an FCC unit required 10-15 tons per day of fresh catalyst, with a target of 5-10 wt% ZSM-5 additions, was able to achieve their process goals through the sole usage of ZSM-5 Cat. By doing so the refiner was able to eliminate all ZSM-5 additive costs and reduce total fresh catalyst additions effectively reducing total operating costs by 20-25%. 


Primary candidates to benefit from the use ZSM-Cat are units processing resid feedstock and utilize ZSM-5 additives. Additionally, units can bypass loader limitations by coordinating with ECI to blend ZSM-Cat with fresh catalyst trucks offsite. 

ZSM-Cat Propylene Production vs. Standard FCC Circulating Catalyst

ZSM-Cat Type 1

ZSM-Cat Type 2

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