Optimized Fines

Support optimal unit fluidization with customized particle size distribution.

Catalyst Classification

Particle size distribution (PSD) is an essential element of a catalyst strategy that establishes optimal unit fluidization for maximizing overall FCC performance. The catalyst classification process provides a method for targeting specific PSD parameters that normal, or emergency, unit operations dictate. ECI's Optimized Fines are used for rapid response to temporary unit fluidization issues and routine supply to meet ongoing unit PSD requirements. 


Our classification process can meet specific PSD targets within 0-40 micron, 0-80 micron, or any other desired range. In addition, the process can remove particles above 120 microns. Use as a standalone additive product packaged in supersacks, bulk truckloads, or railcars or have ECI blend desired ratio of optimized fines into fresh and/or equilibrium catalyst shipments. 


Refiners have had great success with our Optimized Fines product line. With it, they are able to tailor PSD for optimal unit fluidization while simultaneously cutting their fresh catalyst additions and reducing total operating costs. 

Classification Strategies

Equilibrium Catalyst

Tailor equilibrium catalyst supply to meet specific PSD requirements to optimize fluidization for your unit. Refiners are often able to cut fresh catalyst additions by supplementing with optimized equilibrium catalyst.

Optimize Unit Equilibrium Catalyst

ECI can process your unit equilibrium catalyst and return specific fines cut for cost effective fluidization control. Units with low catalyst turnover and severe regenerator operation tend to benefit most from this strategy.

Fresh Catalyst

Working with your fresh catalyst supplier, ECI can optimize the PSD of your current fresh catalyst supply. This is most effective for units experiencing higher than normal catalyst losses.

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