Supply Chain Management

Discover end-to-end solutions for all your catalyst supply chain needs.

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Supply Chain Management

Discover end-to-end solutions for all your catalyst supply chain needs by integrating your existing program with ECI Supply Chain Management. Consolidated supply chain managment provided through our logistic services allows for flexibility and responsiveness not possible with programs managed solely by a refinery. Our team communicates with refinery departments and third party entities necessary for smooth and reliable supply chain operations. Whether coordinating rail and truck deliveries or pre-blending supplied equilibrium catalyst with fresh catalyst offsite, our expertise allows refinery personnel to focus on tasks that require their expertise. 

Strong Carrier Relationships 

Well established relationships with third party providers of support operations for the refinering industry provide flexibility in selecting pre-approved contractors on a site-specific basis to ensure knowledge of, and adherence to, refinery safety standards and operating procedures. 


Our constant contact with dispatchers for all industry carriers helps to secure priority routing and maximize overall supply chain efficiency. Leverage multi-carrier options in emergency catalyst loss and unit shutdown situations to increase responsiveness and reduce total time offline. 

Global Supply Chain Network

ECI operates strategically located storage and blending facilities throughout the world. Our network has the ability to handle barge, rail, truck, container, super sack, and drum loading/unloading and is managed by personnel with the expertise to coordinate complex international supply chains and navigate associated Customs requirements. 


Our North American facility locations are shown on the map below. In addition, we have international facilities in Singapore, Rotterdam, Australia, Thailand, and India.

Logistics Management Benefits

Inventory Management

Monitor and forecast demand, track inventories, and coordinate timely deliveries. 

Coordinated Scheduling

Align necessary timelines from different refinery departments and third party entities to ensure reliable supply while reducing overall site traffic. 

Reduce Costs

Leverage ECI's strong carrier relationships and global storage network to maximize efficiencies throughout the entire supply chain. 

Increased Responsiveness

Cut total time offline in emergency situations by having the communication network in place to take advantage of ECI's robust suppy chain and large catalyst inventory. 

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North American Facility Locations

Equilibrium Catalyst, Inc. is a global leader of equilibrium catalyst and logistics solutions for the petroleum refining industry.

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